1st May 2018

I have experienced a wrist pain after an accident for 3 and half years before I have been referred to Prof. Singh. He is very professional, friendly and approachable. I was very quickly put an ease. Prof. Singh has quickly made diagnoses and explained every part of the surgery, I could not wished for a better treatment.

Mr Singh is great and so are the outpatients team at Maritime. The NHS for the first time let me down leaving me in pain for nearly a year and then my operation was cancelled. This really affected my overall health and compromised my ability to do my job considerably. It’s not their fault but this Government seriously need to fund these amazing professional people and hospitals properly. I shouldn’t have had to wait this like long and become so unwell! Can I just also say the aneathestic staff and post operative care I received was the best ever. Thank you for that.

25th April 2018

Professor Singh in my opinion works in a very person centred manner. I felt listened to and my hopes and concerns regarding my treatment were considered thoroughly. Professor Singh also took into account my agenda regarding when treatment would be carried out to give the least disruption possible to my work commitments. My consultation was not rushed and I felt valued at all times. It was a pleasure to see this gentleman

This doctor explained in detail what was wrong with me, and what he was going to do to correct it. He showed me my scans and showed me what the problem was and was easy to understand (didn’t’ use long medical terms) used plain english. Very polite and gentle.

12th April 2018

The Doctor listened to my concerns and asked the right questions in order to make the diagnosis and to present me with the treatment options. At all stages I felt included and was presented with the options and given details of the risks and possible outcomes. At all stages I felt my best interests were being considered. I understood the procedures that were going to be undertaken and was treated very well at all stages from arrival to departure following the operation. My treatment has been very well managed and I would have no hesitation in using the doctor again should the need arise. Thank you for everything.

21st February 2018

Written by a patient

Prof. Singh made me feel at ease straight away and explained everything clearly. I knew exactly what to expect regarding my surgical procedure. On the day of my surgery he again made me feel at ease and I felt that I had nothing to worry about. He comes over as a very kind considerate person and I would not hesitate to go back to him for further treatment. In fact, I was treated by him a few years ago and I was so pleased when my GP said he could refer me to him again.

15th February 2018

Written by a patient

The professionalism and detail that Prof. Singh gave me was second to none. He broke all phases of the examination and consultations down to a level I could understand. If you are lucky enough to have Prof. Singh as your consultant, you will be in great hands.

14th February 2018

Written by a patient

I was referred to Professor Singh in August 2017 due to a shoulder dislocation occurrence, upon the first consultation I found him to be understanding and have great knowledge and empathy into the injury, I had my operation on Saturday 7th October 2017 and the care from start to finish from Prof Singh was exceptional, coming in to check on me prior to surgery, then all the follow up appointments since, today 14th Feb 2018 I was officially signed off, I have full mobility back in my shoulder and now have the confidence that it is stable and secure, I cannot recommended Prof Singh enough, thank you for giving me back the ability to live a normal life with no fear of any dislocations again ?

12th February 2018

Written by a patient

Professor Sing is an exceptional consultant/surgeon. He explained every aspect of my operation/treatment and was more than willing to listen. I am profoundly deaf, and he made sure I had heard and understood everything that was explained to me. He is friendly, professional and respectful and I felt that I could not have been in better hands. With many thanks and the kindest of regards for all you do.

Written by a patient at KIMS Hospital

Prof. Singh is a through professional. He takes all the time to explain the condition and management. I went to see him as I was struggling with my shoulder pain, everyone kept telling me it was frozen shoulder, but Prof. Singh immediately told it was torn tendon which was confirmed on MRI scans. I then underwent surgery and am well on the road to recovery. Thoroughly recommend Prof. Singh, thanks for giving my shoulder back.

Written by a patient at KIMS Hospital

I work as a physiotherapist and unfortunately I had to have a SLAP repair due to a sports injury. I am fairly pedantic (overzealous as my girlfriend tells me) and I wanted to make sure I had a decent surgeon to carry out the op. I was recommended Prof. Bijay Singh by a colleague and after some further research I was pretty confident with the choice. Consultants sadly sometimes present as slightly detached or “above” their patients/ colleagues…. this was far from the case with Prof. Singh. He was fully engaged, completed a thorough assessment and then explained the procedure and plan of action. Me being “overzealous” emailed him a ton of questions and I was more than pleasantly surprised to find he’d answered them all with plenty of detail! No one would enjoy the op or the initial 96 hours following surgery, but after that it really wasn’t too bad. I may have known what I was doing regarding the rehab but there was plenty of guidance on offer had I chosen to use it. I can honestly say It is now 8 months on (this review is way overdue!) and I can do everything I was doing before the injury. I do still get stiffness with the shoulder, but this eases after 2-3mins stretching pre exercise. To clarify, I can now handstand walk, Olympic lift and I am attempting a channel swim in September of this year and the shoulder has not given me any issues for the last 2 months. I am genuinely happy to recommend Prof. Bijay Singh – I really am grateful.

FG (Patient Underwent Total – Elbow Replacement)

‘I just wanted to write a few words to tell you how much I have appreciated the treatment you have provided over the last two years. You have always made me feel very comfortable at all stages of my treatment, explaining everything in detail, reassuring me when necessary and always being friendly and very professional.

I particularly appreciated your input at all stages of my operation – a full explanation of the procedures, the actual operation, the recovery and her subsequent after care. It is so refreshing to find a professional like yourself who takes the time to listen to his patients and interact in such a kind and sympathetic manner. I would just like to say thank you very much for all you have done for me while I have been under your care.’

PA (Fracture Clavicle – Collar Bone)

‘Following a fall on 30th May I was seen in the A&E department and transferred to the ward under a consultant who I did not see. My care was transferred under your care in August 2011. A registrar arranged me to see you and was diagnosed with a frozen shoulder. I underwent removal of metal work and manipulation successfully in September 2011. I am extremely grateful for the speed in which the second operation was performed as by then I was both frustrated and in pain. Following physiotherapy i have now regained full daily use of the arm and the scar is almost invisible. I am grateful for all that you and your team did for me.’

DR ( 85 yr old with Proximal Humerus Fracture treated with ORIF)

“As I was being wheeled down to theatre, I was told I had the ‘top man’ for the operation. Reassuring words indeed as it was my first operation at age 85. You really made me at ease at my first interview the previous day and am impressed that I saw you at my post op appointments. I cannot fault the treatment at the hospital at all and you were careful to monitor my progress in the arm movements. The most difficult think I had to do was to reach up to hang washing out on the line. I do that easily now and in fact do most things. I wish to express my gratitude to the excellent care in hospital. You did a wonderful repair in my arm.’

RB ( My first appointment with Prof. Singh I was very nervous and in much pain. Prof Singh has a kind reassuring calming mannerism. The type of surgeon that is very honest with his patients, you are told the positive and negative of the operation you require. After my first appointment I felt confident he would look after me to the best of his ability. My post operation treatment was excellent, Prof Singh gave me appointments regular after my operation, he would not discharge me until I felt I no longer required his care. I think I was looking through more coloured glasses before my operation although I was told it would take at least 3 – 6 months to recover I thought about a month and I would be fine. Believe me it takes a long time. I am so grateful to Prof. Singh.)

MS (Dupuytren’s Contracture – Bendy fingers)

In the past year I have had two operations on my hands conducted by Prof. Singh, these were my first experiences of surgery of any kind, on each occasion I was treated with the utmost courtesy and respect. All my questions were answered clearly and any fears I might have had were dispersed. The aftercare on both occasions was done efficiently and promptly.

Altogether I cannot praise the whole procedure too highly – Thank you