News Update March 2018

News Update March 2018 

February was a quieter month on the academic front but plenty of new developments. The government has introduced the Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN) is the independent, government-mandated source of information about private healthcare, working to empower patients to make better-informed choices of care provider. PHIN is a not-for-profit organisation that exists to make more robust information about private healthcare available than ever before, and to improve data quality and transparency. Although established in 2012 its only recently that the publication of consultant and hospital data has become compulsory.

There are a few additional requirements that as a consultant one has to provide to the patients at every step of their journey through the outpatients to any tests and treatment. Please have a look at the link which gives you some basic information. If you need detailed information, please contact my secretary or ask at the time of consultation.

The links to the PHIN letters can be found on my website under Consultation / PHIN:

Article 22 requires Consultants to provide private patients (whether self-pay or insured) with two types of letters containing fee information and other details. The first type of letter must be issued prior to outpatient consultations (the Consultation Letter) and the second type of letter must be issued prior to further treatment or tests (the Treatment/Tests Letter).

Consultants are required to provide this information to patients from:

(a) 31 December 2017, for the Consultation Letter; and

(b) 28 February 2018, for the Treatment/Tests Letter.

For more details please follow the link: